When she opened the window, she knew that she would not see him anymore there. She had to face it all by herself now. No one to be there for her, no one to hold her hand, to wipe her tears away, to hold her tight. She thought that she would have him forever. He said that he was deeply in love with her. She had had no hearing problem, so she must have heard it correctly. He loved her. He also mentioned it again, again and again although she sometimes told him to keep quiet, to keep it in his heart. She said that she was afraid it might be gone with the wind and he would no longer have it for her.
She was so right. It disappeared on the day that the baby was born and gone at the same time, death. He only took a glance at the baby and never showed his face anymore. Not in the hospital, not in the house. He was gone with his wounded heart and guilty feeling.

Previous conversations:

8 ½ month before
“What did you do with that bastard?”
“But how come you went out from the same hotel almost in the same time?”
“What? I had a conference there. I didn’t even know he was also there. I am a reporter, he is as well. We might be just reporting the same program.”
“I told you to stay away from him!”

9 months before
“Let’s get away from that bastard.”
“Second honeymoon.”
“Here are our tickets to Lombok, just the way you have been dreaming of, dear.”

10 months before
“Don’t call me anymore, please…”
“Why not? I still love you.”
“I am married now.”
“To him? Do you think he loves you?”
“Of course he does!”
“I’ll show you that actually he doesn’t love you.”