Please End My Sad Misserable Gloomy Cheerless Life...

Why should have they blamed it on me? They never asked questions. They just yelled. And I could do nothing but staring at their scary faces.

It wasn't my fault. It was my motoric capabilities. I didn't ask to be like this. I even never asked one of them to give birth to me.

And now, they looked at me with an endless pitty. They looked at me as if there was nothing that I could do and they felt so sorry about it. They were so sorry to have me as their handicaped daughter.

It wasn't fair! I wished that I could have dissolved from their sight. There was no more reason for me to still be part of their life if my existance only made their life even worse.

I wished to be able to just leave this cruel world they were living. But again, I was handicaped! I couldn't even kill my self.

Luckily, they loved me so much, or love themselves so much, I'm not sure. They used their own hands to try their best to finally finish my sad misserable gloomy cheerless life.

Thank you, Mom, Dad.