No More Anger

He looked at me with billions of angers in his eyes. I looked at him with nonstop tears in my eyes. It was not my fault that I didn't get the money. No one wanted to lend it to me any more. They knew that there was no way that I could pay them back. And it was not his fault either that he had got fired from his job last month.
Then he left, with his two pairs of pants. I expected that he would sell them to get some money for me and my baby.
There was my baby, so pale and crying, longing for food and medicine. Her hands never left mine. She took the power from the touch. I wish I had so much that none of us would lose our consciousness.
When he went back home, he had no more anger in his eyes, only tears, more than what I had before he left the house. Then he screamed so loud that everybody came and saw my baby's body and mine, both cold, deserted on the floor.