I love you too, James…

What could I say more? He deserved it. The most handsome man at this university told me that he loved me.

No, no initial dates, no approaches whatsoever. He just came to me in a nice lunchtime. He sat in front of me, watching me swallowing a big homemade sandwich.

He said nothing until I decided to look at him and, “Yes?”

“Mita, I love you.”

I smiled, and said, “Well, I love you too, James,” with my wondering face.

“I mean it.”

“I didn’t.”


He started to jump out of his seat…and…

“Wait!” I said.

He took the seat again.

“What was that?” I asked.

“Just telling you how I feel.”

“Ok. Why?”

“Just wanted to.”

“No, I meant…not why you told me that but why do you love me?”

“You’re pretty and smart.”

Oh, James! You’re driving me crazy.

“Well, you’re also handsome and smart. But I don’t think those are the only reasons one would say those three words towards someone else.”

“For me, they could be.”

“Did you bet on me?”

Oh, Mita, come on! You’re not the most beautiful girl or the ugliest one that man would make a bet of. Get real!

“Of course not,” answered James with his beautiful smile.

“Ok…so, you just came to me, said those word, and then what? I don’t think that’s normal…I mean, from where I came from, although it’s not the most modern country, I know, before saying those words, there should be, you know, like dates or stuff.”

“So, let’s go for a date.”

“No problem.”

“I’ll pick you up at 7 at your place.”

“You know my place?”

He smiled and left me just like that.

I called him, “James!”

He turned, “Yes?”


He came to me, stood beside me.

“In a way, I love you too, James. And, I meant what I’ve just said.”

He smiled and left me just like that.

Ok, let me see…the most wanted man in this big university had chosen me? Told me that he loved me out of nowhere?

And I just told him the same thing? Out of nowhere?

Oh, well, he deserved it. The most handsome and the smartest man!

I can’t believe it!